Suggestion Box

“Concerns? Criticisms? Complaints? Compliments?”

Whenever I ended a lesson or finished giving directions, I always asked my students the above four questions.  With that in mind, I plan on continuing the “Suggestion Box” page first begun by Mr. Brent Davis, our former high school principal and website administrator.

As he put it previously, “Creative, inventive, efficient, user-friendly ideas are highly prized. Any topic is fine. If I am not directly in charge of the area that the suggestion addresses, I will pass it on to the appropriate persons. I’m looking for this to be a solutions-oriented opportunity, not a fuss fest. If the suggestion must begin with a frustration expression, at least conclude with a solution suggestion.”

If you have something to discuss with me where you desire my specific interaction, then contact me via traditional means of e-mail or a phone call.

Just leave a reply to this page to offer a suggestion for improving our school. These comments will not be published.

All the best,

Mr. K

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