What time does school begin and end each day?

1st period begins at 8:15am and the school day ends at 3:00pm. If students arrive before 8:00am they must go to the “early” room (cafeteria).  There is no early release of students before 3:00pm unless there is involvement with collegiate programming such as PSEO or a family appointment.

If my child is absent or late for the school day, what is my responsibility?

All absence/late circumstances must be called into the attendance office at 291-7248. Most often you will simply leave a message. If this isn’t done we are obligated to make attempts to contact you and ask where everyone is. Awkward and time consuming.

What do I do if my student needs an early dismissal from school for an appointment?

A student should bring a note with them to school from Mom or Dad indicating the need and time of early dismissal. The student would interact with the teacher to let them know of the early dismissal, show them the note, and then sign out at the attendance window on the first floor. The note would be given to the attendance secretary on the way out.

How do I keep track of my student’s grades?

Each student/parent has a username and login to our online gradebook called NetClassroom. Part of the partnership agreement between parents and faculty is that the faculty will maintain current grading input (within 5 school days of an assignment being collected) on NetClassroom and parents are responsible for accessing this academic information according to specific needs. You can call the high school office (291-7285) for username and login info.

How do I know if my student has homework on any given evening?

Daily activity & homework reports for each class at the high school can be accessed at thewarriordaily.wordpress.com and clicking on the “Daily Instructional Log” tab at the top of the homepage. This information is typically updated between 4:00pm and 5:00pm each day. Dayton Christian High School does not assign homework on Wednesday evenings.

How do I keep track of my student’s disciplinary record?

A student’s disciplinary record can be accessed at the same NetClassroom website as the gradebook. Click on the “conduct” tab for this information. Detentions and Saturday Schools are listed here. Most of these are a result of an accumulation of tardies. Fines are also posted in this section.

How do I keep track of my student’s attendance record?

You can view your student’s attendance record by clicking  “attendance” under the “classes” tab on your NetClassroom homepage. Be aware that 15 absences in any class during a semester will put the student in credit emergency status for that class. That means that the student may not earn the credit for the course. An itemized report giving an explanation of each absence should be submitted to the high school office for committee review. If applicable, medical documentation should be included.

How do I set up a lunch account for my student?

Students may bring their lunch to school or purchase a lunch in the cafeteria. An online account may be set up for a student to conduct cashless transactions and for parents to monitor account activity. The easiest way to pay for your child’s school lunch is to set up a prepaid balance by registering at www.mealpayplus.com.  Your student has been assigned a school ID number that you will use to set up an account. Please pick Legacy Ministries as the school district and enter your personal information.

We’re thinking about a grand vacation but concerned about end-of-term exams?

The last several days of each semester are dedicated to mid or final course exams. Students missing any of those school days will be required to make-up up the exams at a later date, either in January for the 1st semester or during the summer for the 2nd semester. Exams cannot be taken early.

What happens if my student is not in proper uniform dress?

High School students may not attend class if not in proper uniform dress. A student can call a parent or sibling to request a delivery of appropriate school wear or (if licensed) may receive parental permission to go home to remedy the situation. If neither of these options are available, the student will complete the school day by working independently in the high school office.

Does DCHS have an open lunch policy?

Why no we don’t.  Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch. Exception: Mom or Dad or pastor/youth pastor may certainly stop by and take their student out to lunch.

Visitors are not permitted to school during lunch hours. Exception: Mom or Dad or pastor/youth pastor are certainly welcome to stop by during lunch.

What can I do if my student is having academic struggles?

Below is a list of suggested steps…

  1. Help your student monitor their work by regularly checking grades and daily homework reports on NetClassroom to avoid missing assignments and lack of preparation.
  2. Set up a time to talk with a particular teacher to glean information on what they think about your student’s performance and gain suggestions of improvement strategies the student might implement.
  3. Request testing for your student that can be used to prepare an intervention plan that may provide additional resources.

Daily attendance and athletic participation?

On game days, student athletes must be in school attendance for at least the last half of the day (four periods…5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th) to be eligible for participation in that evening’s contest.

What if my student has been sick? How does he/she make up their academic work?

Students are given two days grace period for each day of absence to turn in work assigned while they were absent. Academic activity occurring in class can be monitored by reviewing the homework central reports published daily. Further details about class work can be gleaned by emailing the teacher. Responsibility is placed upon the student in high school to take care of make-up or missing work.

So what’s the dresscode?

The bullets below are the principal’s simplified version. To view the official, meatier documents please visit our website at daytonchristian.com.  Dress Code 2012 – 2013

  • Khaki or navy pants, shorts or capris. Short length is 8 inch inseam. No cargo pockets or any frills or fanciness.
  • Polo tops purchased from Stout Enterprise or Land’s End or Educational Apparel with the Dayton Christian logo.
  • During cooler weather you can go with Dayton Christian logo sweatshirts, hoodies, and fleeces available in the Dayton Christian Spirit Store, Stout Enterprise or Land’s End.
  • T-shirts are not a part of the daily dresscode even if containing some manner of Dayton Christian logo or sold in the Spirit Store or issued by your team or club or best friend. Forget about it!  J
  • Spirit Fridays. In an attitude of encouraging school spirit, students may wear their athletic or fine arts tops (warm-up shirts, jerseys, etc.) on Fridays. All of these items naturally contain the name “Dayton Christian” on them or the school logo. Uniform pants/shorts are still required.

How do I stay connected with important information from DCHS?

The high school has an approach to provide families connection with the stream of information via multiple avenues. We ask that you connect with us via one of the methods below that best suits your style.

  1. Regularly go to the website: https://thewarriordaily.wordpress.com/
  2. Sign up at https://thewarriordaily.wordpress.com/ to receive an email notification every time there is a new piece of information posted.
  3. Follow thewarriordaily.wordpress.com on Facebook…click on the Facebook link on thewarriordaily.wordpress.com.
  4. Follow thewarriordaily.wordpress.com on Twitter… https://twitter.com/thewarriordaily/

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