Cancellation of DC Warrior Daily

Please be aware that as of July 14, 2018 Dayton Christian High School will no longer be utilizing the DC Warrior Daily Blog.  All internal announcements, news, and information will be posted in the Dayton Christian High School Community page within DC Connect.

To access DC Connect–

  • Must be an enrolled student or parent/guardian of a student
  • Naviagate to
  • Log in using your ID and Password (if you have forgotten or this is your first time logging in, please click “Forgot Login or First Time Logging In”)
  • Students – Go to Groups and choose Dayton Christian High School
  • Parents – Go to your High School student’s progress page and scroll to bottom to access the group.

Other school related announcements will be posted to the Dayton Christian School and Dayton Christian  Athletics Facebook pages.


Thank you!!