Reminders for 18-19 Sign Language, Psychology, CCP, and Costa Rica

Hi Students!!

This is a reminder that if you are planning on taking a CCP class, the deadlines for submitting requests for CCP funding is coming up soon!  Please ensure you have completed all items on your checklist by the due dates.

If you are taking American Sign Language you will need to apply to Clark State and take their placement testing.  If you do not receive CCP hours, you will still need to enroll with Clark State and pay out of pocket. There is not a high school only option for the 18-19 school year.

If you are planning on taking Psychology Dual Enrollment at Dayton Christian, you will need to enroll with Mount Vernon Nazarene as a dual enrollment student.  ACT scores are utilized for acceptance into this program. If you do not currently have scores but have taken the ACT, please alert MVNU that you will send scores as soon as they are available.

All students considering Costa Rica – If you are still planning on attending or have decided to attend, you must register by midnight on Thursday, March 22 to receive the new student and early enrollment discounts of $700. Register online at



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