Dayton Montgomery Scholarship CONNECTions Reminder

You have 1 week left to work on your Scholarship CONNECT application!

Remember, once you complete the general application, you still have work to do! You will need to apply directly to each scholarship.

All applications are due Friday, 

 March 9, 2018 by 4:00 p.m

Top Three Application Tips

Make sure you do these three things for a great application!

1.   Don’t stop after you finish the general application. You MUST apply for specific scholarships.

2.   Check your references! Don’t forget to check your references to make sure your letters of recommendation have been submitted! It is your responsibility to make sure your references have uploaded the letter. References must be uploaded by March 16th.

3.   Edit, edit, edit! Grammar counts! Take the time to proofread everything you write on the application. Your attention to details on all parts of the application are noticed by the scholarship selection committees.

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