2018-2019 Scheduling Season

Schedule ClockIt is time to begin selecting courses for the 2018-2019 school year!!!

Students in grades 9-11 were given their scheduling packets yesterday and briefed on the process for  signed up for their one-on-one scheduling conference for next year.  We are asking students and parents to review the materials and discuss plans as the student  completes the request process.

CLASS OF 2022 – Current 8th grade students will be briefed on course selection in a special meeting during school within the next week.  Parents of 8th grade students are invited to a meeting on Tuesday night, February 27th at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium.

Please log into DC Connect and view the 18-19 Scheduling Video that will explain the process and provide important dates and information. This can be found in DC Connect, Groups, Dayton Christian High School, Topics, 18-19 Scheduling.  All forms that were handed out are available in this portal.

In order to best assist students in the ability to participate in a J-Term mission or academic trip, we are releasing J-Term selections now.  There will be a meeting on March 12 at 7:00 PM for all students and at least one parent to attend to find out more about these trips and to make a firm commitment to registration. Please plan to attend if you are considering participation in the Costa Rica, India, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, or Washington D.C. trip.  College Road Trip students do not need to attend.

Important dates to remember:

2019 online registration: Feb 25
Priority days: Feb 26 and 27
Scheduing Conferences March 5-9

2020 online registration: Feb 27
Priority days: Feb 28, March 1
Scheduing Conferences March 12-16

2021 online registration: March 1
Priority days: March 2-3
Scheduing Conferences March 19-23

2022 – Submit forms by March 16
Scheduling conferences March 26-30

Priority dates are the dates a class is allowed to submit their paperwork and sign up for a conference with their advisor.

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