January Term – Ultimate Leadership


35 Students took on the challenge of a J-Term class which will reap many future benefits.

In the AM they are working on learning the basics of Tae Kwan Do and attempting to earn a yellow belt. To do this they will demonstrate blocking, kicks, combinations, self-defense, and a “Form” or prearranged sequence of martial art techniques .

In the afternoon they are learning valuable skills in self-defense.  In addition they participate in life skills and leadership training that will help them learn valuable lessons on life, balance, relationships, and faith that they will carry with them in the future. This week they discussed the work/rest balance. It is important to work hard but we should also be obedient to the Lord’s command to have rest.  When we rest from our activities daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally, and we devote that time to prayer and the study of Scripture, our work will then flow from these moments of study and prayer.

Many thanks to Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts and Mr. and Mrs. Mershad for providing this incredible experience!

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