Filtering 101: Protect Kids From Porn on New Devices

So your kid got a new tech device this year —cool! If you’ve already set up the parental controls and installed WiFi filtering in your home, well done! If not, don’t panic–this post is especially for you!

We’ll walk you through the three basic steps to protect kids from porn and create a safer home internet experience for kids of all ages.

protect kids from porn filter new devices

Protect kids from porn: get past filter frustration

Perhaps you’re like many parents who know they should do something to filter their kids’ devices but don’t’ know where to start! If that’s the case, I can totally empathize.

For years the terms internet filtering and parental controls were synonymous with frustration for me. Every solution seemed either too constraining (filter everything at the level of preschooler) or so complicated I needed an IT certificate to execute it.

Fortunately I’ve since learned three things that have helped me become more confident in my ability to protect kids from porn:

  1. First, filtering software products today are much more user-friendly than just a few short years ago. Plus they are often flexible enough to fit the needs of various family members.
  2. Second, filtering software programs have their limits. Although filtering is integral to protecting kids from online dangers it is only part of the solution.
  3. Finally, I don’t have to wait for the perfect product to protect kids from porn. I just have to get started and do something.

Know the risks: one in ten under 10

The more we know about online risks, the more we realize filtering needs to begin as soon as a child has access to the internet. Today, one in ten visits to porn sites are from children 10-years and under! Let’s do everything we can to protect kids from porn and change this trend!

Filtering 101 outlines three basic steps to ensure a safer home internet experience for your family:

  • Filtering the wireless signal in your home
  • Parental controls on individual devices
  • Helping kids develop internal filters

Filtering 101

1. Filter the wireless signal in your home

Time commitment: 1 hour

Why: Filtering the wireless signal to your home can protect kids from porn by greatly reducing the risk of accidental access to inappropriate content.

Plus, most filtering systems now offer other useful functions such as time controlsinternet pauseassigned bedtimes and device specific settings. This is especially popular among families with young children who want to monitor and limit screen time.

Getting started: There are lots of good products to choose from. Try not to get overwhelmed. The fact is that each internet filtering service is a little different. It may take some trial and error to find what works best for your family.

Your homework: Pick a filtering system —any filtering system! And get that extra layer of protection working for your family today!

Some products are free like, Open DNS. Others, such as Covenant Eyes(affiliate link) have a modest monthly subscription. And some systems like, Circle with Disney are purchased outright with a one-time fee.

No matter which you choose, these software programs help protect kids from porn. Your home will be safer as a result.

2. Set parental controls on individual devices

Time commitment: 1 week (a few minutes each day)

Why: We wouldn’t dream of taking kids on a drive without first insisting they put on a seat belt. Safety features built-in to your kids’ devices are like seat belts for the internet. Setting parental controls is another layer of protection to safeguard kids from accidentally accessing inappropriate content.

Getting started: If you’re not tech savvy, find a friend who is. Fortunately our good friend Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes is exceptionally good at setting parental controls. This is their area of specialty to protect kids from porn.

Check out this post, Set Parental Controls on Christmas Devices. Here you’ll find easy to follow instructions on how to set parental controls on this year’s most popular tech products.

Your homework: Make an inventory of all the internet connected devices in your home. (Be warned, the length of the list may shock you!) Every day over the course of this week set parental controls on two or three devices at a time until all devices have been set.

Note: Until well into teen years, parents should have full access to their kids’ accounts and passwords on all new devices.

3. Help kids develop internal filters

Time commitment: Ongoing

Why: While the first two levels of filtering help protect kids from porn and other inappropriate content, they are not fail proof. The current digital reality is that all children will be exposed to pornography sometime in their young lives. Kids need a plan to help them reject pornography before that happens.

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Getting started: Teaching children about the harms of pornography is an ongoing process. See The Porn Talk: Five Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

At Protect Young minds we have amazing resources to help you define pornography in a way even young children can understand. Plus our blog is full of tips and ideas for parents. Above all you’ll want to create a safe place where kids feel comfortable talking to parents about anything.

Your homework: No discussion about internal filters would be complete without mentioning our best-selling books: Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-proofing Today’s Young Kids and Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds. Pick up a copy and read it with your child. If you’ve already read it together, do it again! Parents and experts agree it’s one of the best tools to help protect kids from porn.

When you read these books with your children they will be able to explain:

    • What pornography is
    • Why pornography is harmful
    • How kids can reject pornography (with a plan!) when they encounter it 

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Plus, each book contains a plan to help kids build their own internal filter. The CAN DO plan is a 5-step proven plan that any kid can use to reject pornography. Get a FREE copy of the CAN DO plan today! CLICK HERE

Congratulations! Give yourself a gold star!

Now that you know the three basic steps to providing your family with a safer internet experience, we’re confident that you’ll want to act now! Once you’ve enabled all the parental controls and installed an internet filtering software program, give yourself a gold star! You’ve passed your first course!

As you can see from this post, filtering is a layered process. It’s also something that you will work on and adjust over time. When you’re ready for filtering 201, have a look at Apps with Dangerous Doors to the Internet. At Protect Young Minds, we want to make sure that every parent knows that there is something they CAN do today to protect kids from porn.

Bonus gift

Another great place to start the conversation is with our downloadable guide My Family Media Standards. Talking together about your standards will help kids know which media is good and which media is not!

Download your FREE copy below:

There are affiliate links in this blog post. When you use them to make purchases, we thank you for supporting Protect Young Minds!

Warriors of the Water Weekly Update

andrew wins

Thursday night, your Warriors of the Water traveled to Oxford, Ohio to Miami University to participate in the 15-Team Edgewood AquaCougars Invitational where they set 29 personal best records, 1 school record, and 1 meet record. After the final record setting race was completed, the scoreboard revealed your Lady Warriors finishing in 6th out of 15 teams, and the Warrior Men finishing in 2nd out of 15 teams!  Highlights include Brooke Darkow winning both the 100 Freestyle and 50 Freestyle, setting a meet record in the process; Andrew Simmons with a 2nd Place in the 100 Backstroke and 1st place finish in the 500 Freestyle; and the Boys 400 Freestyle Relay of Ben Geiss, Elijah Joyce, Andrew Haines, and Andrew Simmons setting a school record with their 1st place finish.

Saturday the team was in Troy, Ohio to take on 3-time conference champs and state participants Troy Christian along with Hillsboro High school in a tri-meet. .  1st Place finishers include:  Andrew Simmons in the 50 Free, Andrew Haines in the 100 Free, the girls 400 Relay Team of Esther Collins, Rachel Miller, Rebecca Skujins, and Nicole Keenan, and the boys 400 relay team of Ben Geiss, Elijah Joyce, Andrew Haines, and Andrew Simmons.  Both the boys and the girls finished in 2nd place and our DC swimmers gained some valuable experience against the best our conference has to offer

DC Students Raise More Than $300K In 70 Days!


DC Students Raise More Than $300K In 70 Days!

Dayton Christian students rallied together to raise money for their future gym. In just 70 short days, preschool to high school students pulled in $313,000 to help build the Warrior Center. Thank you to the families and friends who contributed to this great cause. As a result, students have earned another incentive:


Date of incentive to be announced upon return from Christmas break

It’s the end of our 70-Day Dash, but not the end of the campaign

Donations may be made for the Warrior Center until Dec. 31

 Give or pledge online – Go to

Fill out a pledge form – Any amount, over period (one, two or three years)

Questions? Call Tim Entner in our finance department at 291-7215

Get Your 6th Man T-Shirts @ the Boys Basketball Game Tonight!

The athletic booster club will be handing out their annual 6th man t-shirts at tonight’s boys basketball game vs. Troy Christian. Game time is 7:30 pm at Centerville High School. Join us this evening as the Warriors take on the Eagles in a key league contest. Free t-shirts, ugly Christmas sweater contest, Patriots Popcorn Kettle Corn, lots of Warrior fun at Centerville High School tonight!

First Semester Exam Dismissal/Arrival Process


exam schedule

Process for arriving late or leaving early on exam days.

  • Students may arrive later to school if they do not have an exam scheduled for the first exam period of the day. Late arrivals should not come to school any earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled exam time. Students will not be permitted late entry to an exam and will have to make-up the exam during January if they arrive after exam start time.
  • Students may sign out after their exams are completed for the day.  Students must bring a note (signed by a parent) to the High School office each day during the sign-out time between exams.  Students that remain at the school for lunch and the afternoon study sessions will be expected to follow the schedule for the day and report to their classes.  We need a note for our records of a student’s early dismissal each day.
  • Here are the arrival/exit windows for each day of exams so as to not cause disruption.
  • 7:30am to 8:15am
  • 10:30am to 10:45am
  • 12:45pm to 1:00pm
  • 3:00pm regular dismissal
  • No early dismissals from an exam
  • Once the exam period has started, whether the exam is completed or not, students cannot leave early.  Please schedule all appointments around the exam times.  Our desire is to provide an environment that facilitates the least amount of disruption.

Missing an exam

  • If a student misses an exam for any reason (sickness, vacation, etc), they will need to work with the teacher to make up the exam. Students must take the initiative to schedule this make-up exam with their teacher.

Cell phones

  • Teachers will be collecting cell phones for the duration of the exam time.  In the same way cell phones are not permitted for standardized testing (AP, ACT, etc.) students will not be permitted to access their cell phones during the exam period. If parents have an urgent message to give to a student, please call the high school office  at 937-291-7285 and we will relay the message.

DC Varsity Basketball Warriors Kick Off the Season with a Solid Win Against the Legacy Christian Academy Knights

Ryan Fair dribbling

The DC Varsity Basketball Warriors did not disappoint last Friday night as they took on the LCA Knights, bringing home the first victory of the season, 70-53.  The stands were packed and the fans on both sides were ready for a good fight.  The first basket of the 2017-2018 season was a sprint down the court and dunk by Anton Webb.  In total, Webb scored 19 points and 9 rebounds, and Matt Welker delighted the crowd with 30 points, making a total of 5, 3-pointers.  What clinched the game was the Warriors outscoring Legacy 22-11 in the 4th quarter, sealing the deal against this tough rival.


There’s PLENTY of basketball to watch this week, so come on out and support our DC Basketball Warriors.  JV games begin at 6:00 p.m.; Varsity games begin at 7:30 p.m.


  •  Tuesday-DC vs. Miami Valley School at Centerville HS (500 East Franklin St.)
  •  Friday- DC vs. Troy Christian at Centerville HS
  •  Saturday- DC vs. Dixie HS at Miamisburg MS (8668 Miamisburg-Springboro Rd.)



Martin Luther King Breakfast

On Monday, January 15, 2018, The Centerville-Washington Diversity Council will host the annual breakfast in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell as thespeaker. Please follow this link to learn more about her work.

The organization has five complimentary student seats being held for our school . We are very thankful to our community sponsors who pay this breakfasts, which allows our students to attend the event free of charge.

The breakfast will begin promptly at 7:30 a.m. and conclude at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 15, 2018. This event takes place at the Golf Club at Yankee Trace, 10000 Yankee Street in Centerville, Ohio. Teachers and families can obtain tickets for $20 each at MLK Breakfast Tickets . Tickets surely will sell out well in advance of the breakfast, so please don’t wait!

If you are interested in attending, we will submit the names of the first 5 requesting students for these tickets.  Anyone else wishing to attend will be able to purchase tickets through the organization. Email Mrs. Reynolds @ if you would like to receive a complementary student ticket.