Parent Summit Part 2: Talking to your children about sex.

Dear Parents,

Have you struggled to determine the right timing, words, and approach to educate your children about sex?  Do you feel as though you can present the biblical view of sex in a way that positively impacts your child’s spiritual walk?  How do you educate them about the realities of the world so that they can make wise choices?

Come join together with other parents tonight,  Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the A Building Auditorium as we discuss this important topic. This is Part 2 of a series for parents on the tough topics of the day, “Sex, Drugs, and Social Media”.   Dr. Peter Reynolds, family medicine, will present the topic from a Christian physician, teacher, and parent perspective. There will be several books given away on the topic of sharing with your child about sex.   Please see the dates below for future events.

Dayton Christian School


A Parent Summit Series:

Sex, Drugs, and Social Media

November 13       Sex Education and Teens

January 29           Media Wars II and Pornography

February 26          A Law Enforcement Perspective on the Opioid Epidemic

March 26              Bullying and Suicide Prevention


All events will take place in the Building A auditorium at 7 pm.  Each topic will be addressed by experts in the field.  $100 in gift cards will be awarded at each summit!  

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