Homecoming 2017 Spirit Week Festivities

Homecoming 2017 Information

arabian nights

This year homecoming will be Saturday, October 14 from 7:30-10:30 PM at Liberty Tower in Downtown Dayton (right across from the Schuster Center). Our theme for the year is Arabian Nights.

Liberty Tower Photos
Liberty Tower 2

Liberty Tower

Doors will open at 7:30 for guests to begin arriving and will close at 8:00 PM. Please make sure your student arrives in that window of time. There is a drop off/pick up area in front of the building for parents bringing their students to the dance and student parking will be located in the Schuster Center parking garage directly across the street. Building security as well as DC chaperones will be located strategically outside during drop-off and pick-up times to ensure your student’s safety!

Spirit Week 2017 Reminders

Spirit Week 2018

Spirit Week 2017 Reminders

One of the most anticipated parts of Homecoming is Spirit Week! Students will be expressing their school spirit all week long. Bring on the creativity!

All students are encouraged to participate.  Spirit points awarded on a daily basis for the most class participation. Below are some examples to inspire your costumes for the week!

Monday – Tacky Tourist Day

Tacky Tourist

Tuesday – Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day


Wednesday – Around the World



Freshmen – Mexico


greece   Sophomores – Greece

france           Juniors – France

bermuda      Seniors – Bermuda

Thursday – Meme Day


Friday – Class T-Shirt Day

class t-shirt


Here are the guidelines for dress up days:

-Absolutely no guns! (This includes water guns, plastic, toy, etc.)

-Hair coloring and face painting are allowed if it fits the costume.

-Modesty is the key factor – dress length must be in keeping with regular dress code

NO tight pants, leggings, or form-fitting garments without loose shorts or a long shirt over top (shorts and shirts must cover the front and the back side).

-Costumes cannot reflect any evil characters.

-All costumes must be school appropriate and align with Dayton Christian’s values and beliefs. (Ex. No Santa, cross-dressing, etc.)

Students who do not wish to participate in these dress up themes can continue to be in normal dress code.

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