Southbrook Presentation on Addiction Pandemic

SouthBrook Christian Church Student Ministries and Mission Addiction are partnering to bring you an interactive presentation on the addiction pandemic.

We don’t just have an opioid problem – we believe we have an addiction problem, period – and it’s not going to go away on its own.

  • 90% of addictions start in the teen years
  • 2,000 U.S. teens/day will get high for the first time on prescription drugs
  • 45% of those who use before age 15 will later develop an addiction

Who:     Adults only – for parents of children of all ages and other adults, including non-SouthBrookers

What:   The Addiction Pandemic: What you should know, why you should care, and what we can do about it

When:  Sunday evening, 9/17, 5:30-8:00

Where: SouthBrook Christian Church, 9095 Washington Church Road (parking in large rear lot, behind the building)


  • Our nation is in the middle of an addiction pandemic that has been building for over a decade.  Montgomery County (Dayton) is the worst county in the country for opioid and heroin overdose deaths.  Through the first 6 months of 2017, deaths are on pace to more than double the number in 2016.
  • This isn’t just a drug talk – this is also a family and faith talk.

Mission Addiction will have multiple presenters at SouthBrook, sharing their independent research, personal and professional experiences, and faith perspectives.

This is a strong message that includes hope, plus topics not found in other area presentations.

You won’t want to miss it!

Topics Include:

  • What is addiction, how do substances affect the brain, and what are the real dangers?
  • Why and how it can happen to you and your family
  • Coping skills, faith, and peer pressure
  • Coaching tips
  • Resources to learn more or get help, including for those struggling with faith
  • Hope: what we can all do about the pandemic – in your family, in your community
  • Q&A
  • More


  • Better awareness and understanding of the current pandemic, the stigma, and how it’s impacting those around you
  • Increased knowledge about what to look for and how to take action in your family
  • Healthier conversations and coping skills for all participants

PLEASE REGISTER by following this link: Registration Form

Here are the SouthBrook Facebook links for the middle school and high school ministry page.  Epic stands for Experiential Pursuits In Christ.  Parents of all age children and non-SouthBrookers are welcome!

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