Top 25 Growing and In Demand Jobs – Campus Explorer

Hey all you Juniors and Seniors.  Need some ideas for what to study after high school? Here are some up and coming jobs for you to consider. Reprinted from Campus Insider.  The HyperLinks will take you to more information about those jobs, what majors to pursue, and starting salaries.  Praying for you! –Mrs. R

It is no secret that job layoffs, outsourcing and cutbacks have become the norm in today’s economy. If you are just graduating college, looking to change your career or have been the unfortunate victim of company downsizing, you probably want to know America’s fastest growing jobs. This following list represents the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics report of America’s fastest growing jobs over the next ten years. Click on the job title to get more information on median salary, number of jobs, and education requirements.

01. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists     14. Meeting & Event Planners
02. Interpreters and translators     15. Market Research Analysts
03. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers     16. Nurse Practitioners
04. Occupational Therapy Assistants     17. Medical Equipment Repairers
05. Genetic Counselors     18. Marriage and Family Therapists
06. Physical Therapy Assistants     19. Actuaries
07. Skincare Specialists     20. Biomedical Engineers
08. Physician Assistants     21. Cost Estimators
09. Information Security Analysts     22. Computer Systems
10. Physical Therapists     23. Dietitians and Nutritionists
11. Orthotists and Prosthetists     24. Civil Engineers
12. Audiologists     25. Trainers and Physiologists

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