Class of 2018 – College Application/Preparation Meeting for Juniors and their Parents

1_Class2018 (1).jpg

Did you know that Juniors will have their first one-on-one college counseling session in conjunction with their 2017-2018 scheduling  conference?  That is taking place over the next three weeks.  Students will be signing up for their counseling sessions when they submit their course selection sheet. Those are due by Wednesday if they want to maintain their seniority scheduling priority.

In addition, Guidance would like to meet with Juniors and their Parents to prepare them for the college application process.

When:      Thursday, March 16th @ 7:00 PM

Where:    DC Cafeteria

What:      We will cover the following topics……

Applying to colleges:

  • Application process overview
  • How to request teacher recommendations
  • How to request transcripts for applications
  • Searching for and applying for scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • GPA Calculations, Rankings, etc.

Please make every effort to attend.

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