PARENT HELP SESSION – Your Child and the Media Monster

UPDATE: This program has been moved to Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00 PM.  This is for PARENTS ONLY. No students allowed.  

The ever-evolving media options at teenager’s fingertips has created a media war withindevice our homes. Research has shown that one-third of parents and teens say they argue on a daily basis about their use of devices. Media is no longer relegated to watching a television show in a common area. It includes hand-held iPads and smartphones that give teenagers access to media 24-7. Such use places teenagers at risk for lower grades and exposure to harmful material. Are you ready to fight the media monster? 

Dayton Christian is happy to offer the opportunity for all DCS parents  as well as members of the community to attend a program “Media Wars in the Home: Steps You Can Take to Manage the Media Monster” on Tuesday, December 13 at 7pm in the DCS Cafetorium. Mrs. Reynolds, Director of Guidance, will present an interactive session for parents on current trends in media usage by children and teens and discuss benefits and dangers. She will provide practical tips for monitoring cell phone, device, and computer usage and access to help bring order to media time management in your home and help students to reclaim time needed for academics.  Presentation of the top 12 apps parents MUST know about will be a part of the evening’s discussion.

In case yabcou didn’t catch the news last week, you can click HERE  to watch  Mrs. Reynolds discussing the topic in a pre-recorded interview with news anchor Deborah Linz of FOX45 TV.



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