Dress-up at the High School

This blog post is to clarify the option that students have to “dress up” above the required dress code at the high school.

For young men, this would include a shirt and tie (bow ties are acceptable), a sports jacket, or even a suit. This does not mean simply a “dress differently” day (T-shirts, gray pants, etc.) Men should also wear a logoed oxford shirt or a school identification badge if their jacket or suit covers their logoed shirt. Dress slacks or school uniform pants may be worn with shirts and ties. Jeans are not considered a part of “dressing -up.” Ties should be worn in a formal manner and shirts should be tucked in. Men’s suits (matching pants and jackets) may be worn in conservative styles and colors.

Young ladies may wear dresses/skirts but must comply with several standards. The dress length must comply with the established skirt length (no shorter than the top of the knee) and style (not form-fitting). The neckline must be modest and the dress must have sleeves or be worn with a sweater or dressy jacket. Girls wearing dresses must be clearly identifiable as a DC high school student by wearing a lanyard displaying their student photo ID.

2 thoughts on “Dress-up at the High School

    • The “dress up” is only an option not a requirement. The standard dress code is still in effect and students are to continue wearing uniforms. Some students desired to dress “above” the normal code and thus these guidelines help bring some structure to this request. The standard dress code uniform is still in effect and the normal dress at the high school.

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