High School Dress Code – First Two Weeks

At the end of last school year, Dr. Rough shared that dressing “above” the student dress code (sports coats for guys and dresses for the girls) would be permissible for both guys and gals at the high school level.

Here is the problem that needs to be addressed. IDENTIFICATION. One of the major reason for a uniform dress code is student identification in order to maintain safety and security for all our students. Every teacher, administrator and school employee needs to be able to recognize a DC student by his/her attire.

The guys seems to be a rather easy solution with a label button or a breast pocket insert of some type, but the ladies pose a little more difficult challenge. The school is still looking for some good options for the ladies to accomplish this requirement.

All that being said, the school is not ready for guys or girls to come “dressed up” for the first couple of weeks of school until we are able to better define our understanding of identification. All students should come dressed according to the standard dress code for the first couple of weeks – until notified of the details for compliance.

The girls need to understand as well that modesty needs to reign supreme (knee length and modest) if this privilege will remain an option. The few may ruin it for the many, so great care must be taken. If the attire moves toward the inappropriate, the privilege will have to be removed.

Important Note: The first Friday of the school year (August 20) is PICTURE DAY and so the polo shirt (Monday through Thursday) code will be in force. Please, no casual, spirit wear should be worn on this first Friday of the school Year. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

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