Drop Add Season Has Begun

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.09.40 PMOne week to go!!! Can you believe it?  At least you got to sleep in today while school buses from other area schools stopped by on your street!

Drop/Add for Fall 2016 will run from today, August 10, to Wednesday, August 24.

You should be receiving an email later today with log in procedures for our new web portal, DC Connect, that is replacing NetClassroom. NetClassroom is no longer in use  and your schedules will not be posted there. 

Drop Add Form for Fall 2016

You must submit a parent signed drop/add form to the high school office. No electronic submissions will be accepted.

Drop/Adds will be processed in the following order of priority:

  1. Missing or incorrect classes scheduled from what was planned with your counselor in the spring (no fee). Course plan must have been submitted and approved by both the school and the parent.  If we were unable to reach you in the summer to complete your schedule you may find that one has been selected for you.
  2. Course changes.  Changing one course and adding a different academic course than what was planned in spring scheduling ($10 per change). Subject to room in class.
  3. Class section changes. Only if there is space after all priority changes have been processed ($10 per change).

Drop/Add forms must be submitted in hard-copy form to the high school office.  Get yours in as early as possible as classes are nearing the full capacity.


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