Host Family Needed!!!

We continue to be grateful for the opportunity Dayton Christian has for ministry in the lives of our International students. This past school year we had ten students from several countries come and continue their studies as DCHS. Our mission is to expose these students to the gospel, God’s principles, and to have them interact with our students to help bring an understanding of our two cultures. DCS has been involved for over 50 years with international students and it is very much a part of our DC student culture.

At this time, we have a male student in 10th grade that is in desperate need of a host home. He is currently here in the Dayton area with a temporary host home. Due to unforeseen circumstances his previous arrangements have not materialized. We are currently looking for a family that feels led of the Lord to be a host family for him this school year. The family would be responsible to provide room and board for him. There is a stipend available to offset costs.

Please prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you consider hosting this International student for this school year. For further information or questions, please contact Mark Shaeffer at 291-7289 or email

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