A+ Global Education

Host a Foreign Student. Change a Life.


A+ Global Education

Leaving one’s family to fly around the world and study in a foreign land and a second language is an intense and life-changing experience for a young person. Families that open their homes and hearts to host one of these adventurers have a unique opportunity to make an impact on a young life.


Dayton Christian School looks forward to partnering and building a new relationship with an organization called A+ Global Education, Inc, (www.aplusge.com). A+, led by a team of dedicated, Christian leaders, has agreed to recruit foreign students for us for the 2016/2017 school year. In addition to arranging academic placement, A+ also recruits local Christian families to host these students and provides full-time, local support to the host family and the foreign student along with a monthly stipend to cover expenses associated with hosting. Hosting can be an incredibly rewarding experience for a family.


If your family has an interest in hosting a foreign student, please contact A+

representative Jamie Wilson, (937) 673-9985 or Jamie.wilson@coldwellbanker.com.

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