Student Government Elections

DC Warrior Mascot Concept - AngledDear Parents,

It’s that time of year when the election process begins for Student Government. Please encourage your student to serve his/her peers by running for an office in student government for the school year 2016-2017. An announcement has been made to students and the application and the calendar below are available in the office.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Sara Hunt

Student Government Calendar for Students 

April 18                Information and applications made available to students

April 25                Completed applications due to school office by 3 pm

April 27                Candidates posted on hallway TV screens

April 25-May 2   Campaigns/Posters:

  • all posters must be approved by the principal’s office before hanging
  • use mavalus white (available in the office) tape to hang posters
  • posters may not be hung on breezeway windows
  • posters may only be hung on the 3rd floor of buildings B & C- no stairwells

 May 2                  Speeches/Elections within each grade level 

May 6                   Election Results Posted

May 9-13             Lunch Visioneering Meetings (rising sophomore-seniors)



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