Is it an Honor or is it a Scam?

leadershipA.largeI get asked about once a week about invitations students receive in the mail that state they have been selected for a prestigious leadership conference. What do you think about this? Is it worthwhile to attend?  Is it legitimate?

Honestly, most of them are simply sales pitches which go out to students whose names and addresses have been purchased from information warehouses.  This is not to say that attendance at one of the conferences would not be beneficial.  You will be paying lots of money for the experience, however, and it won’t mean very much on your resume when you apply to colleges.  Here is an article that addresses the issue. (A bit dated but still relevant.)

What should students do instead? Spend less money and get a more personal experience by attending a summer leadership institute at a local college that truly has a selective application process.  Apply for Boy’s State, Girl’s State, or Hugh O’Brien Leadership awards. These are highly selective and extremely well regarded by colleges and scholarship groups.  Upcoming Sophomores can watch for an opportunity to express interest in the Hugh O Brian Award next fall.  Girl’s State and Boy’s State applications and interviews take place in late February/Early March for Juniors.

Questions???  See Mrs. Reynolds in Guidance.

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