Urgent Notice to Dual Enrollment Students

Attention Parents Who Have Students Enrolling to Sinclair to Take American Sign Language Courses on our Campus

   Please note that in order to receive the rate of $41.50 per credit for the American Sign Language course you MUST APPLY FOR CCP.    The cost will be  $41.50 per credit hour for all students who apply to the State of Ohio for Funding… whether they receive any funding or not.  For any credits credits not funded or taken above and beyond what is funded, the cost per credit hour will  be $41.50 as long as they have applied for CCP and funding from the State of Ohio. 

 If a family decides that they will NOT complete the State of Ohio Funding Application, for whatever reason, they will have to pay the regular, and higher tuition rate.  Again, as long as students apply for funding, they will pay $41.50 for anything over the funding they receive from the state of Ohio.

This is a clarification to the communication  that we sent out last week. We want to be certain you have the opportunity to submit your letter of intent for CCP as well as meet the other CCP enrollment deadlines.  Letter of intent and student authorization forms should be turned in THIS WEEK prior to Easter break!!!!!

Please see information here pertaining to the processes for CCP enrollment https://dcwarriordaily.com/2016/02/23/college-credit-plus-application-process-update/.

To gain admission to Sinclair Community College please visit, https://www.sinclair.edu/academics/k12/college-credit-plus/prospective-students/  Please pay close attention to the deadlines.

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