Resounding Joy Sings at Target Dayton

On Sunday, Resounding Joy led the evening worship service at Target Dayton Ministries.  Students arrived early to set up and then attended the volunteer orientation and prayer times with the regular volunteers.  RJ greeted folks as they arrived and after singing in the service, helped serve the evening meal.  About half of the RJ students had never been to Target Dayton before, but this was a great experience to prepare the group for their upcoming ministry trip to New York.  Many expressed interest in returning to serve at Target Dayton in the future.

Many thanks to Pastor Mark and Miss Cindi for letting us come and be a part of the ministry!  Below are some of RJ’s experiences with the folks at Target Dayton:Resounding Joy 2016-03022

  • My experience yesterday at Target Dayton was different than I ever expected.  I didn’t know what to expect coming in, really.  But it was an amazing opportunity for me to show Jesus through my words and my actions and to share God’s message through singing.  After I was done serving my table, I sat down with two guys at my table and just started talking with them… I consider myself unsocial when it comes to strangers, but I actually had a good conversation with people I’d only met 5 minutes before.
  • I met a man whose cousin went to Dayton Christian… the man was very nice and we talked about basketball.
  • We met a guy named Richard and talked about family and why our parents gave us the names we have.  We asked if there was anything we could pray for him.  He asked us to pray for his Dad who has diabetes.  It was challenging for me to start conversations, but if the person would talk, I could listen.
  • I talked to a man named Richard who once had a house and a job and lost them.  His story showed me how close we all can be to homelessness and poverty without God’s provision.  We forget how reliant we need to be on God and how blessed we truly are.
  • At Target Dayton, I met two people who were sitting together.  Their names were John and Jasmine.  It was really cool talking to John because he was from New York and had only lived in Ohio for about two years.  We talked to him about how we’re heading to New York on our ministry trip and he got really excited.  He started telling us about all the different street names and the winters there.  Jasmine told us about her daughter and how she’s lived in Ohio her whole life.  It was great talking to both of them.
  • Yesterday, I met an older man named Stevie.  He was very talkative and told me stories from his life.  One interesting thing he told me is that he’s legally blind.  Despite his sight impairments, he has a great attitude.  He told me he’d had problems with drugs and alcohol, and had gotten away from them because of the Lord several times and has struggled to stay clean.  He now helps others who are going through the same struggles he did and his past experiences help him relate to others who struggle with the same things.
  • At Target Dayton, I met several interesting people.  One man told me that I should continue to sing.  He said, whatever I did I should continue to sing and praise God.  He also told me that God would direct my path yesterday, today and forever.
  • I met a great man named Smiley who went to Dayton Christian many years ago and used to sing in the Choir when the Choir room was in the basement at the Homewood campus.  He was very encouraged by us singing at Target Dayton and was encouraging to me about how we sounded.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy us being there and they told us they were happy we had come.  I had the opportunity to pray with several people which was an encouragement to me and to them.
  • I met two young ladies who sing in the Target Dayton Choir and they expressed an interest in coming to Dayton Christian after they heard Resounding Joy sing.  They told me their favorite songs in the Target Choir are 10,000 Reasons, Amazing Grace and Break Every Chain.  It was neat to see Middle School students helping out at Target Dayton and using their gifts and talents for God.

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