Course Planning – Please Complete Tonight!

All 8th – 11th Grade students should be working on their course plans in Naviance.  Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions.  All students in grades 9-11 should submit their parent signed plans by tomorrow and sign up for a conference. 8th grade students should submit to the middle school office by Thursday.

LOGINS – Good news – next year you will have a one time login to both school accounts and Naviance!   Until then……
If you are a parent, you will need to register with the unique registration code that was assigned to you. Please refer to the instructional handout sent home with students. If you have already registered you can login with the ID (email) and Password you set.
If you are a freshman or sophomore, your default login is FirstinitialLastname. (Ex. JDoe) You initial password is W@rrior!  Please change the password once you have logged in.  If you have previously logged in you will need to utilize the username (email) and password you set previously.
If you are  junior, you were given registration codes last fall. If you utilized that opportunity to set up your account your user id should be your email and the password you choose.  If not, you were given a reminder of your registration code to allow you to register.
Parents are able to view student activity in the system but cannot create a plan from within their account. This needs to be done through the student account.  Please see the info on the blog at this address about how to approve a plan .
 If you are logged into an account to create a plan and do not see the options to do so, you are most likely signed into a parent accounts. Parent accounts are VIEW ONLY.  You must log into the student account.  If you are logging in to approve a student plan post conference but do not see the option to do you, you are likely logged in as a student. Please log out and log in as a parent.
  1. Students create a course plan in Naviance with parents assistance.
  2. Students print plan in “by grade” format and have parent sign.
  3. Student should submit signed plan to front office and sign up for a conference.  (8th grade does not need to sign up.)
  4. Conference will be held with academic counselor and plan approved or revised and sent back for parent approval.
  5. Parents will log in for final approval once they receive a confirmation email that the conference has taken place and the plan approved.
If you haven’t yet subscribed to the DCWarriorDaily, please do so by visiting and enter your email to the right of the screen in the subscription box. This will ensure you get all up to date information from the high school.
Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system and work out some of the initial kinks.  Please feel free to contact Guidance with any questions you might have.

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