2016-2017 Scheduling Orientation

Students in grades 9-11 were briefed today on new course offerings, alterations to current offerings, and how to accomplish course planning and registration.  They should be coming home to complete their individualized, four year graduation plan online.  Instructions with login information were distributed during class.  Parents also have log-ins and should log in on a periodic basis to help with course planning and eventually college applications.  Parents must log in to approve the final course plan once it is complete as well as sign the printed form that is turned into the office.   Please find copies of all of those below.  (Default password for students with assigned log in names is W@rrior! This was not printed on their sheets.)

Scheduling Orientation Recording for 2016-2017



Registering on Naviance

(If you have a preassigned Login use W@rrior! for first log in and then change your password.)

Creating a course plan in Naviance

Submitting your course plan online and in hard copy at school.


Copy of Handouts

Scheduling Intro for Students

Course Planner Instructions

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