2016-2017 Course Planning and Registration

Schedule Clock

Can you believe it is time to begin thinking about next year already?  Dayton Christian High School will be beginning course planning and course registration for the 2016-2017 year in early March.  Students will receive a briefing and a planning packet during the first week of March.   There will notice some differences this year that we hope all students will benefit from.

Students will have the benefit of course planning at home with parents electronically. With this software you will have a benefit of viewing all courses previously taken with credits and grades and compare against a graduation plan that fits with your future goals and aspirations.

You will be able to “Scan” your plan to determine you college power score. This will help you plan to take courses that fit with the type of colleges you plan to attend.

Once course planning is completed at home, students will submit their plan and sign up for their individualized scheduling conference.  At your conference your plan will be discussed and evaluated.  If your plan is approved you will be able to register immediately for next year’s classes.  Your plan will be updated and reviewed on a yearly basis.

In the meanwhile…please be discussing at home future plans and potential course pathways.  If you haven’t, please re-enroll to save your place in your class at Dayton Christian.

More information will be coming soon.


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