Character on Display for Warrior Swimmers

Character.  It is revealed in both the best and worst of times, the happy and saddest times, the easy and difficult times.  The character of your Warrior swim team was on full display, even before our meet took place.
Friday evening one of our swimmers had a medical situation which interupted what was scheduled to be a team bonding activity.  As myself and my three nurses (my wife, Coach Erich, and Erich’s girl friend) assessed and responded to the situation at hand, the character of the Warrior team was on full display for all to see.  Amid the chaos and confusion, the Warrior swim team formed a prayer circle in the lobby of the YMCA and lifted up their fellow teammate in prayer.  For me, it was calming, uplifting, and encouraging to see these kids take the initiative and do what truly needed to be done – Pray.  In the end, our swimmer is OK.  She was not able to swim, but she lifted the spirits of the team by being at the meet, cheering them on.
Character.  Your Warrior swim team faced some real Goliaths at the Metro Buckeye Conference Championship, but they did not back down to the challenge.  Facing teams that were loaded with talent that will be swimming at the State Meet in Canton, the mighty Warriors trusted their training and focused on their events to produce yet again, season best times and exciting performances.  Congratulations to Conference Champion Brooke Darkow in the Womens 50 Freestyle, and Conference Champions Brooke Darkow, Morgan Pook, Grace Cox, and Kayla Landis in the Womens 200 Free Relay.
Character.  Senior night, both a happy and sad time.  We celebrate the leadership and experience our Seniors provide, and we will miss not having them with us next year.  It cannot be said of all the teams, but as Grace Cox, Madison Gebhart, Emily Golich, Kayla Landis, and Morgan Pook were being introduced and recognized, the junior classmates served the seniors with gift bags and roses, while the underclassmen showed respect as they lined the pool, cheering on their senior leaders.
Character.  As a coach, you want to win everytime, and the scoreboard was very kind to us.  In the end, the girls finished in 2nd Place to the girls form Yellow Springs, and the boys finished in 5th Place overall.  For the boys, the competition was very close, only 19 points seperated the 2nd through 5th place teams.  Going into the meet, the seedings predicted a much wider gap.  For me, our victory came in seeing the team bond together, cheering on every swimmer from the slowest to the fastest.  Each Warrior had teammates at the end of their lane, cheering and encouraging them to finish strong, displaying to their competitors what true team spirit is all about.
seniors 3.jpg
Character.  We are truly thankful for all that came out and supported us. You were visible and you were heard!  We ask that you remember the team in prayer as we head into sectionals this week.  Kaley Pook will be diving Monday evening, the boys will be swimming Friday evening, and the girls will be swimming Saturday morning.
Below is a list of those who scored in the Metro Buckeye Conference Championship Meet:
Womens 200 Medley Relay: Morgan Pook, Kaley Pook, Betsy Lozan, Kayla Landis – 2nd Place
Mens 200 Medley Relay: Zac Norvell, Brandon Dellinger, Collin Casto, Jameson Vaughan – 4th Place
Womens 200 Freestyle: Grace Cox – 3rd Place
Mens 200 Freestyle: Ben Geiss – 5th Place, Collin Casto – 8th Place
Womens 200 IM: Madison Gebhart – 7th Place
Mens 200 IM: Andrew Simmons – 6th Place
Womens 50 Freestyle: Brooke Darkow – 1st Place, Kayla Landis – 3rd Place, Morgan Pook 5th Place, Betsy Lozan 7th Place
Mens 50 Freestyle: Max Johnson – 7th Place, Jameson Vaughan – 8th Place
Womens 100 Butterfly: Brooke Darkow – 2nd Place
Womens 100 Freestyle: Betsy Lozan – 4th Place, Sophie Reynolds – 6th Place
Womens 500 Freestyle: Grace Cox – 3rd Place, Madison Gebhart – 7th Place
Mens 500 Freestyle: Andrew Simmons – 3rd Place
Womens 200 Free Relay: Brooke Darkow, Morgan Pook, Grace Cox, Kayla Landis – 1st Place
Mens 200 Free Relay: Jameson Vaughan, Max Johnson, Ben Geiss, Andrew Simmons – 3rd Place
Womens 100 Backstroke: Morgan Pook – 4th Place
Mens 100 Backstroke: Zac Norvell – 8th Place
Womens 100 Breaststroke: Kaley Pook – 6th Place
Mens 100 Breaststroke: Ben Geiss – 6th Place, Brandon Dellinger – 8th Place
Womens 400 Freestyle Relay: Brooke Darkow, Sophie Reynolds, Grace Cox, Kayla Landis – 2nd Place
Mens 400 Freestyle Relay: Jameson Vaughan, Max Johnson, Ben Geiss, Andrew Simmons – 4th Place

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