Warriors hit the ‘Heights at the Wayne Swimvitational

Warrior Nation was on display up in the Heights as the Dayton Christian Swim team took our show north to the Wayne High School Swimvitational.  The swim team would like to thank all the family and friends that came out to cheer on our Warriors! The Purple and Gold was loud and proud!

Coach Wiggershaus did not know what to expect from his warrrior swim team as most of the team had not been in the water for over a week, some members were still on J-Term trips, and Captain Kayla Landis was sidelined with a shoulder injury. But both Captains, Kayla and Ben Geiss, led the team to season best performances and 4th Place finishes for both the Boys and the Girls in the 8 Team invitational.


Leadership was on display as Ben stepped up to swim the grueling 200 Freestyle and the 100 IM to third place finishes in each event, the IM being the first time Ben has swam this event in competition.  Kayla, though sidelined by injury, encouraged and motivated the team to swim there best and finish strong.

Highlights were many as Brooke Darkow finished 1st in both the 100 Freestyle and the 50 Butterfly – setting a meet record in the process.  Andrew Simmons swam to a 2nd place finish in the 100 Freestyle and 3rd Place in the 200 IM, Morgan Pook finished 3rd in the 50 Backstroke, the girls 200 Medley Relay team of Alyssa Colon, Kaley Pook, Brooke Darkow, and Morgan Pook finishing in 3rd Place, and EVERYONE on both the boys and girls team scored points!  For Coach Wiggershaus, his favorite highlight was seeing the team coming together, cheering each other on deck side as their teammates were in the water.

The Warriors will be in action both Friday and Saturday Night as they face Brookville, Miami East, and Troy Christian in a very competitive Quad Meet at Trotwood High School beginning at 6:10pm.  They will then be back in the water Saturday evening at the Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center in the Bellbrook Invitational.  Our State Medalist Diver – Kaley Pook – will be diving at the Bellbrook meet.  This will be a rare opportunity to see her dive so we invite you to come out and support Kaley and the swim team, Saturday, at 6:30pm.

swim 1

Below is a complete list of everyone that scored points:

Girls 200 Medley Relay – 3rd Place: Alyssa Colon, Kaley Pook, Brooke Darkow, Morgan Pook

Boys 200 Medley Relay – 5th Place: Brandon Dellinger, Ben Geiss, Andrew Simmons, Jameson Vaughan

Boys 200 Medley Relay – 8th Place: Zac Norvell, Max Johnson, Collin Casto, Ryan Chadwick

Girls 100 IM – 8th Place: Madison Gebhart

Boys 100 IM – 3rd Place: Ben Geiss

200 IM – 3rd Place: Andrew Simmons

Girls 50 Butterfly – 1st Place: Brooke Darkow

Girls 50 Butterfly – 5th Place: Betsy Lozan

Boys 50 Butterfly – 4th Place: Collin Casto

Girls 50 Backstroke – 3rd Place: Morgan Pook

Girls 50 Backstroke – 9th Place: Sophie Reynolds

Girls 100 Backstroke – 8th Place: Alyssa Colon

Boys 50 Breaststroke – 5th Place: Jameson Vaughan

Boys 50 Breaststroke – 10th Place: Ryan Chadwick

Girls 100 Breaststroke – 4th Place: Kaley Pook

Girls 100 Breaststroke – 10th Place: Sophie Reynolds

Boys 100 Breaststroke – 4th Place: Max Johnson

Boys 100 Breaststroke – 5th Place: Brandon Delliger

Girls 50 Freestyle – 4th Place: Morgan Pook

Girls 50 Freestyle – 6th Place: Betsy Lozan

Boys 50 Freestyle – 8th Place: Jameson Vaughan

Boys 50 Freestyle – 9th Place: Max Johnson

Boys 50 Freestyle – 10th Place: Collin Casto

Girls 100 Freestyle – 1st Place: Brooke Darkow

Girls 100 Freestyle – 6th Place: Alyssa Colon

Boys 100 Freestyle – 2nd Place: Andrew Simmons

Boys 200 Freestyle – 3rd Place: Ben Geiss

Girls 200 Free Relay – 4th Place: Brooke Darkow, Madison Gebhart, Morgan Pook, Betsy Lozan

Boys 200 Free Relay – 4th Place: Brandon Dellinger, Max Johnson, Ben Geiss, Andrew Simmons

Boys 200 Free Relay – 9th Place: Jameson Vaughan, Ryan Chadwick, Zac Norvell, Collin Casto

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