New Registration Deadlines for Online Courses


Students wishing to take online courses with our  online partner Sevenstar,  will need to submit paperwork and payment during the two weeks prior to the start of a term.  A term is Semester 1, Semester 2, or Summer.  Courses that last a year need to be registered for during the week prior to the start of school or the first week of school.  Registrations will not be accepted outside of these three times a year.  The next enrollment period is January 4-January 15.

Fees vary  for standard, honors, AP, and dual credit courses but range from $440 – $700.   You may check available courses and fees on the attached course selection page below.

Please note that:

  • Students may not take an online course to replace a course offered on campus at DCHS unless DCHS cannot accommodate the course in the student’s schedule.
  • Dropped courses after the drop/add period will be placed on the students transcript as outlined in our Drop/Add Policy.  (W/P or W/F)
  • Courses will follow the same GPA scale as our own courses with honors courses receiving a 0.5 bump and AP/DC courses receiving a 1.0 bump for grades with a C or above.
  • Student will take a Library Lab period during their schedule to work on the course.
  • Enrollment period for Semester two will take place during J-Term, January 4-January 15.

For more information or for a registration form, please see Mrs. Reynolds in guidance.

Sevenstar Offerings

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