Christmas College Application Reminders


As you complete college applications over the holiday please remember to do the following:

  1. Input ALL colleges you are applying to in Naviance under “Colleges”–> “Colleges I am applying to”.  You must do this for all colleges, even if you are completing an application by hand.
  2. Link your CommonApp account with Naviance.  To do this you need to fully complete all components of your CommonApp but most importantly the FERPA waiver.  Once that is done, log into Naviance and click on “colleges I am applying to”.  Enter your email and birthday in the Link To CommonApp box.
  3. Once you have received acceptance or, heaven forbid, your wait list or declined letters,  please change the status of your application in Naviance so we know.
  4. As you receive scholarships, please input that data into Naviance as well so we can track scholarship awards for your class.
  5. All requests for transcripts for January 1st should already have been requested
  6. Have fun over the holiday!

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