DC Football Warriors Still in the Hunt for the Playoffs

Despite 389 yards of offense and a tough fight, the DC Football Warriors fell to the Clark Montessori Cougars, 48-9.  Evin Butler had a phenomenal night with 21 carries for 185 yards.  Tywon Berry had 7 receptions for 118 yards, and Luke Elliott had a nice reception for 26 yards (see video at   http://youtu.be/S7JGkYi9Ms4  .)  Dominic Wilcox led the defense with 6 ½ tackles.  The 9 points were scored by Sean Van Noy’s touchdown run and Caleb Quarles field goal.  As they say, you can’t win them all, and our Warriors made us proud as they behaved with class and showed tenacity and stamina.

Coaches Spotlight:  There are two more coaches to celebrate this week:  Coach Scott Griswold is a first year DC football coach who works with the defensive backs, wide receivers, and kickers, and who “brings maturity, a great heart for kids, and does a great job of connecting with the players,” says Coach Moyer.  Lastly, Coach Brandyn Mason is a first year coach who just returned to the states from active duty marine service.  He is described as “a hard worker who is learning more and more about coaching football and is eager to help.”  Coach Mason works with both the offensive and defensive lines, as well as helps with JV.  We are blessed to have the expertise and commitment of these fine men.

Fear not DC Football Warrior Fans:  The Warriors are still in the playoff hunt.  Our last regular season game is this Friday, 10/30 at home against Cincinnati Country Day.   Come on out and support the team.  Whether or not we make the playoffs, it has been a fantastic season in so many ways.  Many thanks go out to all of the fans who have been so supportive.  GO WARRIORS!!

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