PE credits – how do they work?


One of the frequent questions we receive in the Guidance office is how do I meet the PE credit requirement?  We want to make sure everyone understands the different options.

All students need 0.5 credits of PE in addition to their 0.5 credit of health.  Health is taken as a semester class here at the school. This is usually during their ninth grade year but may be taken during any year. There are three options to receiving credits for the 0.5 credits in PE.

  1. Educational Option PE – Interscholastic Sport – 0.25 credit for every 60 hours completed.  You must keep a log of hours and complete a report. Instructions for the report are available from the linked document below.  Please keep an eye on due dates!!!  The fall sports due date is December 18th. The positive of this option is that you receive a credit with a grade. So if you do every component and submit on time you have a 0.25 credit with an A+.
  2. Education Option PE – Independent Study –  Again, this is a great option because when completed correctly will result in 0.25 credits with a grade for every 60 hours logged and reported on time with the appropriate report.  Students can choose to participate in an alternate aerobic exercise or outside sport.
  3. Physical Education Credit Waiver – per ODE guidelines you have the voluntary option to exempt themselves from the high school PE credit requirement by participating, during high school, in OSHAA sanctioned interscholastic athletics or cheerleading for at least two full seasons. Credit is NOT automatic.  You must complete the PE Credit Waiver From and submit to the office.  Again, this form is attached to the file linked below.

ALL SENIORS should check in with Mrs. Smith in the guidance office this week to ensure that you have meet the PE Credit requirement or to discuss how you will meet it by the end of the year.

Thank you!


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