Fine Arts Nut Sale Ends This Week!

This is the last week for the Fine Arts Nut Sale.  Orders are due this Friday, October 16, to your student’s homeroom/devotional teacher (period 1 for high school.)  Thank you so much for supporting the Arts at DC.
Remember you can order online with a credit card.  Access the online store here:  Forward this address Cashewsto your friends and family so that they order online, too.  The online store is accepting orders until October 22nd.
I will be at the High School Fall Concert tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13 taking orders.  You can order with a credit card at this time, too. I will also be taking orders at DC in person Friday afternoon  on Friday, the 16th.  I will be in the High School teacher lounge.
We have some great prizes!  The grand prize for the student with the most sales is $100, with $25, $15, and $10 going to the other top sellers on each floor.  Classrooms are eligible for the $50 class prize, too.
For more information or any questions email Karla Herman at

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