DC Football Warriors Bring Home 2 Wins and move to 6-1: JV Players Amaze the Crowd as well!!

What a weekend of football it was!  2 games and 2 wins.  But before the specifics are shared, what’s most meaningful needs to be covered.  This team of boys and their coaches show their care and support for one another so tangibly … As the Varsity team took on New Miami, the JV players cheered them on and supported them all the way.  (Click on this link and then the first picture, upper left, to see this video of your team pumping each other up:   https://thornhillinspirations.smugmug.com/Football/2015/DC-vs-New-Miami-10-9-15/.)  Of equal importance … as the Junior Varsity players took on Bradford, the Varsity players and coaches cheered them on and celebrated the successes right beside them.  It’s clear that functioning as a TEAM is a priority.  Based on the JV talent, it looks like exciting DC football is ahead for years to come.  A special thanks goes out to the parents who came to support the JV team even though their sons were not playing.  It truly is extraordinary what is happening in Warriors football.  Playoffs or not, we have already won this season, both on and off the field.

DC Offensive Line 2015Varsity:  The New Miami Vikings didn’t know what hit them, both offensively and defensively, when the DC Football Warriors came to town.  Offensively, 4 touchdowns were scored by Ricarie Howard (with 2!), David Moyer, and Evin Butler.  Sam Griswold was responsible for the extra points.  Our defense shut down the Viking’s offense through amazing tackling.  Nick Edinger led the charge with 9 solo tackles, and Ricarie Howard, Evin Butler, DJ Chivers, and Chad Maynor also made serious tackling contributions.  The Warriors also stopped the Vikings with 4 interceptions by Dominic Wilcox (with 2!), Tywon Berry, and Seth Yunker.  (Click on this link to see one of Dominic’s impressive interceptions:  http://youtu.be/_HR3Gig5J_0.) A very scary incidence occurred when the Viking’s QB was sacked and had to be taken away by ambulance.  While he was being tended to, the DC Warriors knelt as a team to pray for this young man. The next day, everyone was thrilled to learn that the Vikings QB had only a mild concussion and will be fine.

Junior Varsity:  A whole new crop of DC Warrior Football players took over the field and greatly impressed the crowd with a 38-8 win over Bradford.  Most notably, Steven Norrad lit up the field – and Bradford’s quarterback – with 6 sacks (!), and also had 3 assist tackles and 3 QB pressures.  Way to go Steven!!  Quarterback JT Thornhill scored a touchdown, and additional TDs were scored by Luke Elliott (with 2!), Chad Maynor, and Kelly Turner.  Between points after touchdown scored and a safety, the DC JV Warriors ended the game with 38 points.  What a game and what a special weekend!

The next home Varsity game is this Friday, 10/16 at 7:00 p.m. against Lockland High School.  (Home games are held at West Carrollton Middle School, 424 E. Main St., Dayton.)  In addition, the next Junior Varsity game is this Saturday, 10/17 at home (DCS) at 10:00 a.m. against National Trail.  Come out and support your team and have a great time in the process.  GO WARRIORS!!

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