Dayton Cross Country Kickin’ It Up


The 16th annual Ambassador Classic was run on a beautiful Sat. morning on and around the beautiful Xenia Christian campus. More teams than ever participated in this year’s event.  (Much warmer race than last week at the Fairmont Invitational pictured above.)

The four harriers that represented Dayton Christian toed the line to climb the wall to begin the campus tour. The girls were up first.  Jr. Sophie Reynolds was our first runner as she finished in 48th place with a 26:48.1 time. Slower than last week as this was a tougher course. It was a day to compete with others and Sophie did as she finished strong. 

Jr. Grace Watkins was our other finisher as she crossed the line in 27:54.3 in 60th place out a total of 90 finishers.

The boys were up next as Jr. Solomon West put on one of his best finishes of the year in 45th place out of 148 total finishers in 20:47.9. Easily his best competitive effort as he was in the top 30% of the field.

In 76th place was the last Runnin’ Warrior of the day, Jr. Ben Geiss in 22:02.5.

The season is rapidly coming to a close and the best races for our DC harriers are yet to come.  This week they participate in their penultimate meet of the year with a return trip to the Cedarville University course on Friday afternoon for MBC meet.

Coach Myers 

IMG_20151003_122015348See ya next week!

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