Senior Portrait

Senior Portrait “Headshot” for Yearbook/Composite


Wednesday, October 7th

Seniors will be called down during class time to allow for a for 5 – 10 minute short photo session. Seniors are encouraged to wear their first outfit to school that day and may (not required) change once during their session. Since these are only headshots it may not be necessary to change entire outfits. Seniors will be permitted to stay dressed up the rest of school day. Do not wear green! No Jeans and skirt/dress length must meet dress code standards.  

Dress Requirements for Senior Yearbook/Composite sitting:

Hairstyles are to be neat, clean, moderate, combed and in good taste. Hairstyle extremes and non-traditional or unnatural hair colors are not permitted. No visible tattoos or piercings or nose piercings (except for girl’s earrings).

Gentlemen: Hair must be off the collar, above the eyebrow and part of the ear showing. Clean-shaven, no beards or mustaches. No earrings. Shirt and tie required.

Ladies:  Tops with modest neck lines and no lace or sheer tops. No sleeveless shirts, blouses or dresses. (Simplicity sometimes photographs better)

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