Flyby’s, Record-Setting Play, and TV Coverage all mark the DC Football Warrior’s move to 4-1!

The Homecoming football game couldn’t have been finer, and what a night it was!!  The sky looked like a beautiful painting, the stands were packed, the band was playing, the cheerleaders were flipping and tumbling, the Homecoming King’s Court graced the field, and the DC Football Warriors brought home yet another victory and set some school records in the  DC Week 5 FB Game (2)process!  On a comical note, a flock of geese zoomed over the stadium and provided some early entertainment with a flyby during which the birds dropped their “precious cargo” to add some excitement to the evening.  (Thankfully, #78 moved out of the way before the flock’s droppings hit him!)

Ricarie Howard tied the school record with 4 sacks, and DC’s powerful defense kept the St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Titans to -64 yards of rushing!  It’s very likely the team set a school record with 3 safeties, one of which was scored when Andrew Lutey took down the Titan’s quarterback in the end zone with a beautiful tackle.  The final score was 39-18, with touchdowns scored by Evin Butler, Tywon Berry, Ricarie Howard (2!), and Nick Edinger’s recovery of a punt blocked by Chad Maynor.  Caleb Quarles’ extra points combined with the 3 safeties mentioned earlier rounded out the scoring.  Other highlights include Seth Yunker’s and Tywon Berry’s interceptions.  Way to go Warriors!!  

The DC Football Team is starting to draw attention, as is evidenced by the highlight shown Friday night on channel 7, WHIO TV.  If you’d like to see the coverage, the link is  Come support your DC Football Warriors this Friday, 10/2 against Cincinnati Christian at the Lakota West Freshman Building, 5050 Tylersville Rd., West Chester, OH  45069.  GO WARRIORS!

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