DC Football Warriors get stung by the Bethel Bees

The DC Football Warriors started strong with Ricarie Howard scoring a TD on the first drive, but shortly thereafter, the Bees buzzed down the field to tie it up at 7-7, which was the score at half time. In the third quarter, Caleb Quarles stunned the crowd with a Dayton Christian record-setting 42 yard field goal that took the score to 10-7.  Congratulations Caleb!!  The loyal fans, team, and coaches endured a steady rainfall that drenched the field and stands until the end of the game.  Seth Yunker’s and Chris Combs’ recovered fumbles combined with tough defensive play and Dominic Wilcox’s 10.5 team-leading tackles all helped to keep the Bees to their lowest score so far this season.  However, in the second half, the swarm took over, leaving DC with their first loss, ending the game at 10-21.  Could the Warriors come back and remove the Bees’ stingers in the playoffs?  Only time will tell!  Until then, come support your DC Football Warriors at HOME vs. Landmark Christian this Friday, 9/18 at 7:00 pm.  GO WARRIORS!! 

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