Attention all College Credit Plus Students.


The adventure of  navigating the new College Credit Plus program continues. We hope you have been able to sign up at the college of your choice for the courses you want for the fall.  

NOW – DCHS needs to know what you are taking!  If you have enrolled in a  CCP course this fall you need to complete the College Credit Plus Notification Survey before the end of day on August 13th.  You may locate this form online at You must also submit a drop/add form if the course you are taking will replace any currently scheduled course for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Scheduling for Courses Taken Online

  • You need one  (1) Library Lab scheduled  for each course unless you are taking the class in addition to your DCHS graduation requirements.
  • You must complete a drop/add form this week to ensure that any course you will not be taking at DCHS is dropped and a Library Lab taken. 
  • Ensure that you are still meeting all graduation requirements with the change in your schedule.  If you are not sure, please check with guidance.

Scheduling for Courses Taken on Campus at the College/University

  • If you are taking a course on campus at the college of your choice you need to enroll in a late start or early dismissal to accommodate travel and class time.
  • Late arrival and early dismissal must fit in with your class schedule at DCHS.
  • Regular tardy and absence procedures will apply so please ensure that your class will not cause a conflict with DCHS courses.
  • You will not receive a library lab for CCP courses if you are a late start/early dismissal.
  • Student and parent must sign the DCHS CCP Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Agreement Form prior to attending class. Please submit to the High School office by end of day on August 13th.
  • If you have a late start/early dismissal in place you must not arrive on campus no more than 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled class period and must leave immediately after signing out. Signing in and checking out is mandatory.

Textbook Information

  • Your texts will be paid for by the school and should not be paid for directly by the student.  Please inform the college/university which school are are affiliated with and ask that they invoice the school.
  • If given the option, you should choose rental over purchase of book.
  • You are responsible for returning the rental by due date or for returning book for buy back in good condition by the due date or you may be responsible for the cost of the book. 

Please remember that all courses taken through CCP will become a part of your final transcript.  Please choose your courses wisely and ensure you follow all regulations for drop/add. DCHS may not be able to accommodate requests for enrollment in DCHS courses if you choose to drop a CCP course.  You may need to fulfill the course requirement via an online course and will be fully responsible for all costs incurred. 

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