Meet the Teacher Night

Thursday, August 27th at 6:30 is DCHS’s Meet the Teacher Night!

Each year, Warrior Parents get the special opportunity to meet  teachers by walking their student’s schedule! Each “class” period is ten minutes in length, and families are given seven minutes (instead of the usual four) to find their way to their next class.


We encourage families to arrive before 6:30 in order to obtain your student’s schedule (or better yet, ask them for a copy!) and orient yourself in the building (maps are provided).  Mr. Scheck, Mr. Shaeffer, and the entire front desk staff will be available to answer questions and assist throughout the evening and point you in the right direction.

Teachers will be sharing information about themselves and their classroom philosophy, along with providing helpful information regarding student success in their course.  Additionally, many teachers will be offering special extra-credit opportunities to those that are in attendance!

If you are unable to attend, please contact your student’s teachers in order to obtain any handouts provided that evening.

See you Thursday!

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