Junior/Senior Banquet 2010 Announcement…


Please encourage your upperclassman student to attend this year’s Junior Senior Banquet.  This year we will set sail down the Ohio River Saturday Night April 24th.  Students will have dinner on an evening cruise on B&B Riverboats ship called the River Queen. Dinner and Entertainment will be provided throughout the course of the 3-hour cruise along with beautiful views of Newport & Cincinnati. Students are encouraged to purchase their tickets after Spring Break beginning Tuesday April 6th.  Tickets are $30 for DCHS Juniors and Seniors, $35 for DCHS underclassman and guests.

4 thoughts on “Junior/Senior Banquet 2010 Announcement…

  1. 1. Are underclassmen allowed to attend the Sr./Jr Banquet?
    2. Does the cost include chartered bus transportation from school?

    • Good questions…
      1. Underclassmen are not allowed. Exception: If they are an invited guest (“date”) of an upperclassman.
      2. Cost does not include transportation. Students/parents must transport themselves to the boarding location in Cincinnati.

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